What's that ?

One among many usual missions assigned to the COF is the search for and the negotiation of partnerships. In exchange of the advertisement we do for their services, right here for example, our partners offer discounts on their prices to the COF members.

If you want to benefit from these partnerships, don't forget to show your member card !

And then, who are they ?

Our current partners are mainly local shops and stores, among which there is a nice diversity of restaurants (chinese, indian, italian, japanese...), but also bakeries, organic stores, a bank, an online driving school, and an optician shop.

You can freely explore in details what they offer just below these words.


Amrit Inde : Indian restaurant/caterer

Indian "à la carte" restaurant, with an all-you-can-eat option at noon.

On presentation of your COF member card you get a discount of -20% on the price of every dish as well as for the all-you-can-eat option, and -30% for drinks.

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Arrivederci : pizzeria

Arrivederci : Italian pizzeria.

Closest italian to the ENS.

On presentation of the COF member card, they offer a discount of -30% on the price of all take-away food (not drinks). When eating there you also get a -30% discount on the food if you order a drink (other than coffee and cappuccino).

Below is the menu (prices indicated take into account the discount when ordering take-away pizzas) :



Bakery - Claude Bernard street

Baker's shop, nicknamed Magical Bakery ("BM" for Boulangerie Magique in french).

On presentation of the COF member card, they sell baguettes at 0,90€ each, for group orders only.


Best Optic (optician)

Best Optic : closest to the ENS optician.

Best Optic offers a discount of -20% on all their goods (glasses, contact lenses, cleaning products, etc.) for every student and staff from the ENS. You can check what they have in store on their website (in french).


Biocoop - La Ruche de Mouffetard

Biocoop - La Ruche de Mouffetard : store pledged to a green way of consuming and solidarity in economy.

Biocoops are grocery stores selling green goods, in particular organic and fair trade food. It isn't a store belonging to a retail chain but rather a cooperative network in which producers (mainly breeders and growers) attend to general assemblies and administration concils, actively taking part in the decision process.

On presentation of the COF member card, or the ENS multifunction card, they offer -5% of discount on all the store (except for a few "committed goods" that are sold withouth any margin).


Biocoop Montrouge

Montrouge's Biocoop : store pledged to a green way of consuming and solidarity in economy.

Consuming in a more responsible way is a real consideration for many of you, but as a student it is mostly a challenge.

We hope that this partnership with Montrouge's Biocoop will be of some help : on presentation of the COF member card you get a discount of -8% on everything (except for PMA goods, and it isn't cumulative with other discounts/sales).


Chez Ann : Chinese restaurant

Chez Ann : Chinese "à la carte" restaurant.

On presentation of the COF member card they offer a discount of -10% on all the menu.


Cœur de Baker

Coeur de Baker : restaurant - homemade pastries

Brought to you by a former COF member in charge of partnerships, who fell in love with the place. Vegetarian friendly, with a quiet, green and cosy atmosphere (watch out for the ceiling : it's a real garden). The homemade bagels, quiches, cakes are a simple and powerful gustative pleasure.

On presentation of your COF member card, they offer you a discount of -20% on all the menu, and formulas except for the student one. Thus you can have a main dish + drink + dessert for 7€20 only.


Edogawa : Japanese restaurant

Edogawa : Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant.

On presentation of the COF member card, you get a discount of -20% on drinks and -1,50€ on the evening formula.


Golosino : Italian restaurant

Golosino : Italien "à la carte" restaurant/pizzeria.

Ideal for meetings : for five pizzas bought, the 6th is free, with a maximum of 11€. Don't forget to mention that you're from the ENS when ordering !

They also have a student formula : for one pizza bought, the drink is offered.



Ornikar is the most popular online driving school in France, offering a connected and flexible training at half the price that traditional driving school propose.

With this partnership you can use the promotional code "ORNIENS" and benefit from the formula "Code de la route + 20 hours of training" at 709€ instead of 749€.

If you're interested, just go check their website, and when you order a full training after you've registered, don't forget to fill the "code promotionnel" space with ORNIENS.


Singh : Indian restaurant

Singh : Indian "à la carte" restaurant.

On presentation of your COF member card, you get a discount of 1€ on every alcohol-free drink and every dessert you take with a main dish.


Chez Nicos : meilleures crêperies de Paris !

Nicos vous propose 50 centimes de réduction sur présentation de la carte ENS ou de la carte du COF !


Florel en Provence : Magasin de Thés

10 % sur tout achat !


Day by Day : Magasin vrac

Votre épicerie en vrac pour vos courses du quotidien.

5 % sur tout achat et 10 % si la valeur totale est supérieure a 15 euros.

Grotte de Chypre : Méditerranéenne, Turque, Grecque, Moyen-Orient

Cuisines Méditerranéenne, Turque, Grecque, Moyen-Orient.

Réduction de 50 centimes pour les sandwichs (falafel, ...).

Végétariens bienvenus, Choix végétaliens.


Si Si La Paillette

Ce sont les invitées phares de (quasi) toutes nos soirées : les paillettes de Si Si la Paillette ! Biodégradables et livrées dans des emballages 100% recyclables, elles viennent orner votre visage en toute bonne conscience écologique. Une partie des profits est aussi reversé à des causes féministes et d'inclusivité, telles que la Marche des Fiertés ou Octobre Rose.

Les adhérent.e.s du COF bénéficient de 15% de réduction ! Pour en profiter, il suffit d'entrer le code ENS15 au moment du paiement, ou de présenter votre carte d'adhérent.e en boutique.


Cinéma de l'épée de bois

Le cinéma de l’épée de bois, cinéma d’art et d’essais, 100 rue Mouffetard dans le 5ème (à 5min à pieds depuis Ulm) : le tarif sera de 5€ au lieu de 6€90 pour les adhérent.e.s COF !! Pour profiter de ces tarifs réduits il faudra venir passer acheter des places au Buro sur les heures de perm. 😊


Cinéma Grand Action

le cinéma Grand Action, situé au 5 rue des écoles dans le 5ème, nous propose un tarif à 4€50 au lieu de de 6€. Pour bénéficier de la réduction, il suffit de présenter votre carte d’adhérent.e du COF de l’ENS Ulm.


C'est bien ici ! Mais il va falloir passer dans les backstages pour trouver le vrai message :)