The Plakette

What is the COF ?

COF ("Committee for the Organization of Parties" in french), is no more and no less than the nickname of the AEENS, the Association of the ENS Students (association as described by the 1901 french law). The BdA, in charge of promoting arts and culture, is an essential part of the COF. Organizing most of the cultural, associative and festive events of the ENS is its main attribution.

Concrete examples of its activities include :

  • Organizing the orientation week-end, which is commonly called "Mega"
  • Organizing the yearly Gala : la Nuit de la rue d’Ulm, heir to the former Bal de l'École
  • Organizing great events during which students from the five ENS gather in one of them, like the cultural InterENS (commonly called InterQ)
  • Publishing the BOcal, which is the COF's newspaper
  • Coordinating and funding the activities of approximately fourty clubs
  • Managing a system of small courses, given by the ENS students
  • Organizing parties for students, most of the times in the school's bar, called the K-Fêt
  • Setting up numerous cultural partnerships with famous parisian stages and organizing trips away from Paris (see the BdA website)

It is of course strongly linked with the BdS, which is in charge of the sportive life of students, and functions independently since 2007. Together they share the responsability of organizing the sportive InterENS.

The associative life

The COF, is above all defined by its members (approximately 800 each year) and its clubs (between 20 and 40 depending on the year). Each club is managed by one or more persons in charge, which can stop their activity whenever they want.

A budget is allocated to each club during the year, which it can freely spend as its responsibles judge necessary. The great diversity of the clubs and their independence regarding the organization of activities allow for an amazing range of activities in which every single one of the members can find what he is looking for.

Apart from major events of the year and the clubs' life, the executive head of the association invites the entirety of its members to take part in at least four yearly ordinary general assemblies, taking place in February, June, October and December. They are an opportunity to assess the events proposed by the executive head as well as those organized by the clubs, but also to debate and vote the attribution of budgets to the clubs, as well as the association balance sheets. Other aspects of the ongoing life of the association are discussed, among which are the renewal and setting up of partnerships, the creation of clubs, the cost of membership and many other occasional topics.

The general assemblies of December and June are dedicated to the presentation of the candidates to the different positions of the executive head for the next 6 months to come. Other general assemblies can be organized in addition to the four ordinary, these are called extraordinary general assemblies. They usually are meant to debate and sometimes vote modifications of the association statutes and internal rules as well as other important and exceptional matters.

Who ?

The association is leaded by a set of 16 members (if all posts are filled) who together constitute an executive organ called the "Burô". These members are elected for six months long mandates, the votes taking place during the months of December and June each year. In order to become a candidate, it is mandatory to be a member of the association and to apply for an existing position.

The campaign takes place during the first two weeks of December, and the vote during the one that precedes the Christmas holidays. It is the perfect occasion to show to all of the COF members, and even to all the ENS, that you're the talented kind, mastering the practical arts of cooking and painting as well as organizing and communicating in an efficient way. Make yourself indispensable to the community !

Presently, the 2024 Bûro is composed of the following persons :

  • President : Anaëlle Ouaknine
  • Vice-president : Mélanie Labiausse
  • Secretary : Ruben Narwa
  • Treasurer : Antoine Groudiev
  • Vice-treasurer : Sophie Vimard
  • Head in charge of communication : Judith Benkimoun
  • Deputy in charge of communication : Modestine Pellet
  • President of the BdA : Zachary Galvani
  • Delegate of the BdA : Chiara Benedic
  • Delegate of the BdA : Raphaël Dru
  • Delegate of the BdA : Marion Dussauge
  • Head of the K-Fêt : Laura Gruson
  • Head of the K-Fêt : Matthieu Gallant-Canguilhem

Here is what we look like (to be updated since the Mid-term General Assembly)!

Former Burôs

Because we shouldn't forget the ones who came before us!

Find on this link the list of the former Burôs. Don't hesitate to contact us in order to complete it !