Mardi (vraiment très) Gras

Happens on Tuesday Feb. 25, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Goûter pour Mardi Gras le 25 Février à 18h en K-Fêt


Mardi gras (or « Fat Tuesday » if you prefer) is approaching. The COF thus invite you to come fill your stomach on Tuesday, February 25, in the K-Fêt from 6 pm to a yet unknown ending hour, that will depend on the hunger of people at the moment. Diverse food will be handed out free for you to eat it.

Come share a nice time in the K-Fêt at the end of the day, disguised if you feel inspired. Anyway, it would be a pity if we had to eat all the great food that will be waiting for you there, so take this advice as food for thought and don’t miss the event !

The COF, providing food in abundance