La Rouge et Noire

Happens from Friday April 8, 2022 9 p.m. to Saturday April 9 2 a.m.

Hello to all! La Rouge et Noire is on April 8th! Tickets are available! Come!


*Short version*

Hello to all!

La Rouge et Noire is on April 8th! Tickets are available at following link:

And here is the brochure of the evening:

Come one and all!

*Long version*

After more than two years of absence, this year will see the great return of the the biggest gym night of the ENS, on April 8th: the Red and Black!

For the conscripts (or all those who still don't know what it is), the what it is), the Rouge et Noire is the biggest LGBT+ student party in Paris, gathering students from all over the city - and even more! It is organized by the COF and by the LGBT+ club of the ENS: l'Hômonerie

Admission is free for COF and BAAM members: all profits from the evening will be donated to the benefits of the evening will be donated to the BAAM!

But what is the BAAM?

To make it short, the Bureau d'Accueil et d'Accompagnement des Migrants (BAAM), created in November 2015 in the face of increasingly restrictive and xenophobic European restrictive and xenophobic policies and the inertia of governments, works and fights for a better reception of refugees, asylum seekers and and undocumented migrants in France.

The LGBT+ branch of BAAM is dedicated to the legal support of asylum seekers who have had to leave their country because of their sexual sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

During the evening, three dazzling shows will be proposed:

  • At 10:45pm, Pole DENS will kick off the festivities with a never-before-seen show.
  • At 00:30, it will be the turn of the Pom-Poms to impress you with three with three choreographies, each one more impressive than the other! each other!
  • Finally, at 1:30 am, the drag show of the Homônerie will intervene, at the highest of the evening!

Tickets are available at the link below:

Last but not least, all drinks at the bar will be paid in LIQUID.

The COF.