[K-Fêt Party] the Nuizette

Happens from Friday June 2, 2023 6 p.m. to Saturday June 3 1 a.m.

This Friday, June 2, it's the 🏮Nuizette🏮! The last COF party of the year, preceded by a 🍴buffet🍴 in the Courô! So get down wearing white to the Courô at 10pm to fill your belly, before moving on to the K-Fêt for what promises to be a memorable evening! Warning show pompom at 21h30 !!!


On the evening of June 2, 2023, Alex was lost in their thoughts. In the distance, through the window, the Parisian seagulls could be seen flitting about. A symbol of freedom, this animal had always seemed to laugh in the face of the millions of inhabitants confined within 4 walls. Alex found himself projecting his own consciousness into the air. What an intense sensation it was to see oneself flying above everything, without walls, without borders, the air that carries us and carries us away. A walk that ended each time with a sudden return to their physical body, accompanied by a long shiver that crawled up her back.

Once back on earth, their animal condition was felt. I can't work any more, Alex thought. At least the year will soon be over! Then hunger took over, the gurgling of their stomach cutting Alex short in their thoughts.

And so, the quest for food began. Of course, any discerning reader knows that their route was well guided. Already 5 days earlier, the DiffCOF de la Com had invited Alex to a buffet on a balmy evening at the Ernests' home. Afterwards, Alex had spotted a sparkling poster reminding them of the event in various places. Alex had immediately grasped the importance of the occasion: The Nuizette, last COF party, invite all your buddies, let's celebrate the end of the year! A glance at their watch, ten pm already, almost instinctively, Alex stood up. With a bouncy step, they headed for the feast grounds, where they would soon enjoy themself, before continuing the evening with their friends at the K-Fêt.