Black Light Party

Happens from Friday Oct. 6, 2023 10 p.m. to Saturday Oct. 7 3 a.m.

Soirée Fluo

Short, glittery version ✨

Black light 🦺🔆 party 🎶🕺this Friday, October 6 📆 at 10pm 🕙 in K-Fêt 🪩 (and yes, it was all in the title).

Scientific version ⚗️

Bring your best fluorophores (makeup, clothing and more) this Friday, October 6 starting at 10pm in K-Fêt and excite them with PLS's super UV  lamps 🔦! Then let them return to their ground state, by spontaneous and rapid emission following quantum selection rules, or even by spin-orbit coupling if you feel like it! Then perform your best ✨Stokes shift🕺✨ and set the dance floor alight, accompanied by invigorating and refreshing quinines!

Literary version 📖 (that rhymes and makes more sense in French)

This October 6, under a round moon,
Filled with wandering light,
Flashes of fluorescence,
Promising an unforgettable atmosphere.

At 45 rue d'Ulm, we're waiting for you,
To the rhythm of the pulsating music,
From 10 p.m. and into the night,
In K-Fêt, of a thousand colors blazing.

See you on Friday!
Glitter and butterflies,