COF's Clubs

You will find here a list of the most active clubs of the COF, with a description and a way to contact the respos.



  • Description: Club Africana-ENS is a brand new club aimed at bringing together students and supporters around the themes of the African and Caribbean diasporas. The club organizes cultural excursions, cinema screenings at ENS Ulm and beyond.

  • Currently Respo: Joël Zouna, Nelly-Wangue Moussissa, Océane Gustave, Thomas Hernandez

Art Ôratoire

  • Description : The Club Art Oratoire helps students improve their public speaking skills through writing and delivering funny, moving, convincing or even breathtaking speeches. We take part in elquence competitions such as the Coupe de France de débat parlementaire or Concours Périclès and we organize fake trials of controversial public figures or fictionnel characters. Please note that we only debate in French - but don't be shy: as an international student, attending the Club Art Oratoire's meetings is probably one of the best (and funniest) ways of improving your speaking skills in French !

  • Currently Respo : Valentin Auplat


  • Description: BandarrêtdurgENS is a piece of South-West France in Paris, a chance to discover or rediscover the appeal of this very special music, a concentrate of jolly conviviality friendliness. The banda is a group of cheerful street musicians playing wind and percussion instruments. Its original purpose is to liven up rugby matches, férias and other bandas festivals.
    From Spanish pasodobles to "la pitxuri", without forgetting the timeless "les yeux d'Emilie", come and work on a wide-ranging repertoire that sets village festivals alight!
    Rehearsals, always full of surprises, take place on Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm in room Info 5 (NIR basement).

  • Currently Respo : Benjamin Basa, Louise Nassor, Romain Usciati et Léo Dubocs



  • Description: Le BOcal is the COF’s newspaper. It is published weekly by and for students of the ENS.
    You may **read it** on the display in front of the DG room, on our
    [website]( and you can take one copy from the stand
    in the entrance of the 45’s building. Inside you will find the very soul
    of the ENS, from games to drawings, and plenty of various articles sent
    by the students.
    You may **send your articles** and your _brèves_ (small funny sentences you heard) at our mail address (see our website for more information)
    and you may **take part in the redaction** every Tuesday at 20:30 in the
    computer rooms (we have a lot of fun and cookies).
    Note that although le BOcal is french-speaking,
    we can help you with the language.
  • Currently Respos : Vincent Peth
Logo Boum


  • Description :  The BOUM is the club that livens up the evenings at ENS by providing sounds for the parties. We're here to ensure an unforgettable atmosphere, whether it's in the K-Fêt or in the gym, with quality sound and a carefully selected playlist. The BOUMEUX.SES are always present to set up the equipment and ensure that each party is unforgettable. If you've always dreamed of mastering the art of mixing or becoming the next David Guetta, mix initiation sessions are organized throughout the year to practice behind the turntables. Now, there's no need to beg the DJ for a song—come learn to mix it yourself instead 💣 BOUM !

  • Currently respos : Hana Farhi, Ferdinand Jacobe de Naurois, Mikayil Tasdemir


  • Description : The activities of BrassENS are focused on amateur brewing. Anyone curious to make their own beer is welcome. The club also offers degustation events when the pints accumulate.
  • Currently respo : Laura Gruson, Ambre Palotai

Choirs of ENS

  • Description : The Choirs of ENS is the club that brings together anyone who wants to sing together with others! Everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced musician or a curious beginner - your conductors are here to make sure everyone feels confortable with their voice!
    The club is composed of 3 choirs: the Choeur aux Ernests (mixed choir, open to everyone) who rehearses on Tuesday evenings, Choeur à Coeurs (treble choir, open to all soprano/alto voices) who rehearses on Wednesday evenings, and the Ensemble Vocal (on pause at the moment). The choirs also offers the opportunity to try out and practice choral conducting!
    The repertoire is mainly a cappella, with choral and traditional music ranging from the Renaissance to today and in various languages.
    We give several concerts every year - at school events, in Paris or in collaboration with other ensembles.
    If this resonates with you, if you'd like to sing, learn, and share musical moments, do come try it out!

  • Currently respos : Eleonore Scholler, Yann Bouchereau, Jean Fortunier Cateland, Thanh Bouldoires


  • Description : For at least 50 years, the cine-club screens a film every week in the Salle Dussane, after a short presentation, and usually in a 35mm print. The films, ranging from the greatest classics to lesser-known works by talented directors, from the early days of silent cinema to today's young filmmakers, are chosen at our programming meetings, where everyone is welcome to suggest a film he or she would like to screen, or a partnership with another club.
    The cine-club also organizes movie concerts, the "Nuit du ciné-club" (3 films between sunset and sunrise), screenings at nearby theaters like the Filmothèque du quartier latin or the Studio des Ursulines, screenings presented by filmmakers, film editors, authors, festival organizers...
    In short:
    • Who can come? Anyone! You don't have to be a student to come enjoy and discuss a film.
    • When? With a few exceptions, screenings take place every Wednesday at 8:15pm.
    • Where? Most screenings take place in the Salle Dussane (the room is clearly signposted from the entrance hall) at the 45 Rue d'Ulm. You can get off at Luxembourg (RER B), Cardinal Lemoine (M10), Place Monge or Censier-Daubenton (M7).
    • How much does it cost? It's free for COF members, and €3 otherwise.

  • Currently Respos : Alice Andrès, Jeanne Cavallin, Esteban Geoffray, Elias Leinenweber, Hadrien Leulliot

Club Gros

  • Description: Founded in time immemorial, the Gros club awaits your appetite with an insatiable impatience. You don't want to spend your pay on food but still want to have a good meal? Join the Gros network, whose mailing list and other technological wonders will inform you in real time of the hours and places of the end of conferences, so you can stay overweight all year round with small ovens, often daily. Come and fight with us against food waste. But the Gros Club is much more than that. It is also a great way to enjoy meals and gastronomic getaways with friends in a good mood!

  • Currently responsible person: Constantin Vaillant-Tenzer with Alice Andrès, Camille Straboni et Ondine Simonot


  • Description : Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, is a rhythm video game in which you dance on a mat with arrows, to the beat of music, mainly from Japanese animation. The game's difficulty can be adapted to suit individual levels.
    The club organizes Dance Dance Revolution sessions every Thursday from 9pm to midnight in the Galois amphitheater (NIR basement).

  • Currently Respo : Grégoire Bussone

Ecole Normaille

The club Ecole Normailles is the knitting, crochet and sewing club open to beginners and advanced.

  • Currently respos : Mahaut Resche-Rigon and Lucie Lenoël


  • Description : Ecriv'ENS is Ulm's own writing club.

  • Currently Respos: Eliott Gallois, Constantin Vaillant-Tenzer

Effective Altruism ENS

  • Description : Feel like saving the world, but have no idea how to go about it? Come and discuss it with us!

You'll benefit from the many tools of the international Effective Altruism community, and from tailor-made sessions, Tuesday and Thursday 7pm:

  1. Introduction to EA ideas: How to identify an important problem? How do we define the "good" brought about by an intervention? How can we ensure that our contributions are not useless or even harmful?
  2. Thematic discussions to help focus research projects: climate, animal welfare, biohazards, artificial intelligence, etc. Let's try to plan our actions to make safe and effective choices
  • Currently Respos: Camille Berger, Simon Dima


  • Description: Do you feel like a speaker, a Cicero, a Kennedy or other great former students of the ENS? Do you want to galvanize crowds, make people believe anything, or just clown around in front of a hilarious audience? Do you know English debating? Or are you green with stage fright and want to learn how to overcome this anguish? The Eloqu'ENS club is, in all these cases (and others too), made for you. This debate and public speaking club organizes workshops, verbal games and various debate tournaments in a friendly atmosphere. Come and discover this discipline, halfway between philosophy and humour. With the possibility of participating in the many debate competitions of the Fédération Francophone de Débat.

  • Currently responsible person : Arthur Rousseau, Clara-Bella Szpiner


  • Description : ENSpace is the astronomy club of the ENS. We plan stargazing sessions at school or outside Paris. If you’d like to discover how to use a telescope or learn to recognize a few constellations, feel free to join!

  • Current responsible persons : Titouan Mouilleron

Fanfare (« L’Ernestophone »)

Description: The Ernestophone is the ENS Fanfare. You can hear us play from time to time at COF or BdS events or rue Mouffetard when we round. We rehearse every Tuesday evening from 8pm to 10pm in Info Room 5, in the basement of the NIR. If you are interested, come and see us to play with us or just to listen! We accept all levels (it's better if you have some music knowledge), you can even learn a new instrument with us: we have extra instruments (that's what our budget is for), and there are special rehearsals for beginners on Thursday nights!

Timetable: Tuesday 8pm-22pm; Thursday 8pm-22pm (Beginning of the day), in Info 5 (NIR)

Currently responsible persons : Germain Debray, Eve Coscoy, Victor Naud, Sara Dunoyer, Guillaume Péron, Aëlle Calmet, Emile Sauvat

logo club jeux.png

Game club

  • Description: The Games club gathers amateurs and enthusiasts in its games library (above the Infi room in the BC corridor), a small room full of games of all kinds and for all tastes! From the old obscure games to the latest releases, from the small games to the big strategy games, you are sure to find what you are looking for! A large table allows players to settle in at any time, but it is also possible to borrow games. Every week, we organize a game night, to share fun experiences with the rest of the club, and a few times a year we organize events over a full weekend, like the 48 hours of the Games or the InterLudes.

  • Currently responsible persons : Paul Balavoine, Jean Caspar, Sylvain Gay, Laura Gruson, Vincent Peth, Kenan Scavennec
HackEns Logo


  • Description: Hack is a COF club that aims to provide everyone with a place to work and meet around technological projects. The main goal of the club is to provide a meeting place for people interested in the philosophy of hackerspaces, free software, the culture of "Do It Yourself" and more generally in new technologies (robotics, computing, electronics,...), their applications and the problems they generate (social, ethical, legal,...). For this purpose, the club holds weekly informal meetings every Wednesday from 7pm in our premises, cellar 33. This time is dedicated to meeting and discussing, both on factual topics such as the progress of a project or its realization and on more general topics such as the problems created by new technologies. Projects are generally carried out outside this schedule. By its nature, hackEns is therefore an interdisciplinary club, where the entire normal community is likely to meet. Some projects already completed: We have organized a conference on digital freedoms as well as several workshops to present topics such as encryption or cryptography, and we plan to organize others. We have also developed several projects such as a lighting system programmable with LEDs that you may have seen at one of the Nuits de la rue d'Ulm or at K-Fêt parties, the construction of a 3D printer and a drone, a power consumption sensor, a telepresence robot... See you soon with your crazy project ideas! (and if you don't have one, some project ideas are available[here] (

  • Timetable: Wednesday from 7pm on the landing of staircase C

  • Currently responsible person : Ryan Lahfa, Sélène Corbineau, Maurice Debray, Elias Coppens


  • Description: Homosexuality is the LGBTQIAP club (acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual) of the ENS. It is open to all, and in complete discretion for those who prefer it. The activities are very varied! For the convivial side, buffets, film screenings, outings, etc. For activists, awareness raising, workshops, readings, debates. We also organize some of the most memorable evenings of the year, including, at the beginning of spring, the dazzling Red and Black, which brings all of Paris into our gym thanks to our very extensive secret networks...

  • Currently responsible persons : Maxime Legoupil

Lego Normal Superieur

  • Description: The Lego Normal Superior, LNS for the intimate, is the ultimate fusion between a warm friendly atmosphere and a fever of artistic creation! Whether you're a lego enthusiast or a budding amateur, you'll be able to blossom at your ease with other motivated people. The club offers weekly meetings to have fun while building what you want and as you wish. On the other hand, the club plans to get involved in bigger projects: from lego exhibitions to the use of fablab, through participation in interQ, monthly events or furious "battlego"! There's also a whole bunch of stuff to manage, in which you can choose to get involved or not depending on your desire and your love of management: communication, logistics, posters, inventory, ...

The club is young, and we will be happy to welcome all interested to legate in the joy of life!

P.S.: If you have legos that you would like to get rid of or if you would like to make a donation, don't hesitate to contact us (it doesn't bring ECTS, but it's good for your conscience)!

  • Current responsible persons: Pierre Le Divenah
logo clh.png

Le Vent se Lève - Lucien Herr Circle

  • Description: The Lucien Herr Circle of Le Vent se Lève, an associative media, aims to contribute to the « cultural battle » by working to renew and disseminate political theories. It is a place for raising awareness and providing training in civic issues. Through conferences, film debates and discussions, it seeks to reconnect with the long history of the socialist and republican tradition and lay the foundations for a far-reaching ideological renewal.

  • Currently Respos: Victor Woillet


  • Description: The purpose of the FilmClub is to bring together motivated people to form a filmmaking community. It is the perfect place to share artistic talents, whether they concern audio, video, image, writing, visual arts, animation, special effects, or audiovisual installations, in order to launch, together, into independent film projects. These projects are aimed at both experts and lay people. Indeed, at the beginning of the year we organize introductory sessions on assembly, camera handling and lighting, which will take place a priori during intensive monthly weekends.

  • Currently responsible persons : Lucas Pluvinage & Hugo July

Music Club

  • Description: The club musiques actuelles is first and foremost a rehearsal room available from 9 a.m. to midnight every day, located to the right of the gymnasium entrance. It contains all the equipment needed for amplification, as well as a drum kit. Many bands share the room, and it can be difficult to find a time slot we like, but we always manage to work something out. In fact, that's what the mailing list and the WhatsApp is for: to ensure that no slot is lost if the bands are absent! If you're on your own and looking to form a band, it's also possible that you'll find people to play with on this list.

  • Current respos: Gabriel Meyniel, Daniel Dager


  • Description: Improv is the art of building a story for a few minutes off of a theme and 20 seconds of thinking. In improv shows, a western can be followed by a greek tragedy and a romantic comedy - or anything else : herein lies the magic of improv, as everything is created right before the eyes of an enthusiastic audience. To please said audience, the N'Improtequoi organize at least one show at the ENS every month. You can come and see us, and if you ever want to step on stage, contact us to attend the courses (despite the looks, improvising is something you need to learn) ! Please note that the courses are given exclusively in French, which you will need to speak somewhat fluently in order to participate.

  • Currently respo : Thomas Serafini, Sylvain Gay

Oenology club (ŒNS)

  • Description : At the oenology club, we offer different types of activities! First, evenings of discovery of the wines of France and the world and the world of production, with the presentation of a winemaker who comes to explain their work and their product, accompanied by a buffet. These sessions are very friendly and suitable for everyone. All you need is a curiosity about the product! The idea is above all to discover what exists and to better understand the world of wine. We present both very important French productions, but also productions from abroad. We also offer sessions with a more "academic" focus, with blind tastings, ideal for sharpening  your senses to the numerous aspects of wine. These sessions, if they are more serious, are a great opportunity to taste different wines, to be able to describe your impressions, and even to identify them! Every year, we send teams to blind tasting competitions, often with very good results.
  • Current responsible persons: Lou Kerzreho, Pedro Cabrera

Photos' Lab

  • Description: The ENS photo lab is the place where you can develop your silver, black and white and colour prints. It also regularly organizes workshops and photo outings in Paris (to learn how to develop argentic photos) and organizes a few exhibitions every year. All the documentation of the activities is available online on
  • Current responsible person : Antonin Brossollet


  • Description:
    PLS, the Lights and Sound club (Pole Lumière et Son), is the ENS technical stage management club, which takes care of the lighting and sound installations for events organised by the ENS community (MEGA, Nuit de l'ENS, dance shows, parties, etc.).
    At PLS, you can learn how to control the lights during parties, do the sound checks for a concert, and assemble structures to your heart's content!

    Light version:
    By learning how to set up and use the lights, you'll be able to be in control of the lights console, alternating colours and lighting effects of all kinds, and so illuminate all sorts of events throughout the year!

    Heavy version:
    As the work of setting up and taking down the lights is often demanding, we're always happy to welcome extra hands to help out on an ad hoc basis! It's like a big building set, only a bit heavier... and it's essential to the organisation of all the school's student events! Moving equipment in trolleys, building a stage, fixing projectors, there's something for everyone...

    Sound version:
    If you prefer audio, you'll come and learn how to work behind the sound console at concerts and other demonstrations that call on your talents. Microphones and speakers will hold no secrets for you!

Current responsible persons: Amandine Brige, Nathan Frison, Elias Coppens


  • Descriptif : Conscrit-e, L’Ultime But Raisonnable Est FLagrant : EXposer. des Clichés LUmineux, Blanc&noir&multicolore, Réussis, En Faisant Liste Ensemble (refleX). Couloirs Lugubres, Unies Barrières, Rien n’y Echappe : la Féérie est Libérée. s’EXonérer du Compact ? Loue Un Beau Reflex En Filant Loyalement (Et eXceptionnellement) un Chèque. L’Unique Borne ? Rendre, En Finissant, L’appareil au COF ! EXpérimenter L’Argentique te Brûle ? O, Rends-toi Au Très Obscur, Immense Repère Hackens. En Prime : some Help. Ose Tirer tes Oeuvres !

Tu es passionné.e de photographie, tu veux débuter mais tu n'as jamais osé ou tu es simplement ? Viens nous voir! Le club Reflex, c'est le club de photographie (numérique, mais certain.e.s font aussi de l'argentique) de l'École. On y fait quoi? Des photos! Essentiellement des évènements de la vie étudiante de l'École (Soirées, Spectacles, la Nuit, ...), pour alimenter le serveur du COF et proposer aux des souvenirs d'instants dont ils en ont aucun. mais nous nous organisons de temps à autre des séances photos entre motivé.e.s. L'occasion de s'échanger tout plein d'astuces! Le club monte aussi des expositions pour certaines occasions, et c'est LE truc à saisir pour exposer aux yeux de tous.tes tes clichés! Et tout ça avec quoi? Avec l'appareil photo du COF que chaque adhérent est libre d'emprunter ;)

Si tu veux t'initier à la photo, exprimer ton talent, ou bien participer à la vie étudiante de l'École, n'hésite pas à nous écrire!

  • Actuellement respo : Héloïse Bertrand, Noé Daniel


  • Welcome to the "Société trENScendantale des amies et amis des livres" or STAAL, the book club of the ENS ! Every other week, the club meets to friendly discuss a piece of literature of any country and any period of time, from Gilgamesh Epic to the short stories of Kafka including greek tragedy, chevalry novels and french realistic novels. The book read being voluntarily very diverse, the meetings are of course independant. Therefore, do not hesitate to subscribe even though you are interested in only a fraction of the texts, and coming to only some sittings.

  • Currently respo : Xavier Pigé


  • Description: The *Thèque is the product of the gloriously orchestrated fusion of three libraries: one full of comic books, one of mangas and the last of SF novels; the free being the object of careful attentions of generations of respos since the 80s.
    Passionated amateurs, fine tasters or intrigued newbies, the collections of the *thèque are rich enough to receive the interest of everyone. If by chance the written or drawn fiction is not of attracting you, the soft cushions of the sofas in our mezzanine will convince you to spend some time there.
    You will find its door at the end of the associative corridor, going to the Pot, open everyday from 7AM to 1AM.

  • Respos: Victor Passé, Théo Meier, Axel Dian
Logo Trouvères


  • Description : The Trouvères club brings together all the musicians of the School, whatever the style of music and whatever their level of practice. It is a meeting place for other musicians who want to make music in a group, be it chamber music, jazz, rock, or other groups. Every month we organize events: concerts in particular where everyone can come and play what they have prepared. The goal: to share a dense and intense musical moment in friendship and conviviality! We look forward to seeing you!

  • Current respos: Charlotte Mion, Elahé Hemici

Useless club

  • Description: The Useless Club is a perpetual multilinear association with a bicameral multi-party system. Its objective is to study, promote and put into practice non-trivial forms of action that will achieve a nil result.
  • Timetable: Members of the Useless Club are not intended to meet physically, punctually or regularly. The spatial location of its headquarters is multiple, indefinite and universal.

  • Currently Respos: Jean Caspar

Visual Arts

  • Description: The Visual Arts club offers a place to meet people interested by visual arts, drawing or painting.
    But what do we do here ? First, initiation sessions, and then themed sessions with exterior speakers; common projects, drawing excursions...
    Whether you've never touched a brush or whether you're already a great artist, don't hesitate to join us!

  • Currently Respo: Sarah Dunoyer and Anna Steinlin

Vox Ernestorum

  • Description: Do you want to sing in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? Want to perform your favorite tracks from the Naheulband, the Lord of the Rings or Skyrim soundtrack, or share wacky tracks of all kinds? The Vox Ernestorum club, the geeky/quirky/relaxed choir of the ENS is waiting for you! Our repertoire includes many songs from movies and video games, as well as a growing number of folk songs; You can also take a look at our catalog. If you want to share tracks that you like, or simply have a good time with music, don't hesitate to come and have a look, our sessions are open to all! For more information, get in the Game club discord server.

  • Currently Respo: Vincent Peth


Descriptif : Webradio de l'ENS.

  • Actuellement respo : Mathieu Allag

Club Panos

*Description :* The club panos creates photographic panoramas of places in the school. These panoramas are interactive and can be visited with a web browser. You can go and see its website.

It deals with several topics, among which one surely will please you :
– to work on the memory of the school and to present its heritage ; getting in touch with alumni to archive photos of the past school and merge them to the present panoramas. For instance the couloir vert is no longer the same ;
– to explore the school from top to bottom, to reveal them. Do you know about the grand hall in the physics department ? its tennis court ?
– to work on how places are perceived, to create ambiances, according to an artistic process ;
– to develop technique : the photography, the camera, the code.

*Timetable :* hands-on sessions to create panoramas can be organized ; subscribe to the mailing list to be informed. More generally, it is free and you can do what you want and bring your own contribution.


  • Descriptif : Ce club, fondé par trois hispanistes, a pour but de mettre le fuego à l'ENS à travers des évènements mensuels (soirées tapas, danses latines, concerts, conférences) ainsi qu'un évènement annuel, les Journées Hispaniques.
  • Actuellement respos : Actuellement en sommeil