Asleep Clubs

The below clubs are asleep: they have not had a respo for a while, but are just awaiting you to wake up!

Cheese club

  • Description: The Cheese Club regularly organizes tasting evenings open to all, with the principle that everyone brings a few cheeses to help others discover them. Conferences / debates will be held during these evenings (for example: "The story of a goat cheese that wanted to go around the world", see the club logo). The Cheese Club is also the artisanal production of a small fresh cheese, the Fustel de Coulanges. Do not hesitate to join us for a discovery of the dairy world in a friendly atmosphere!

  • Currently responsible person : Louis Chambard, Martin Eteve, Robin Weissmann-Farbos

Club Bouffe

The ENS Food Club brings together cooking enthusiasts, pastry lovers and enthusiastic neophytes of all kinds. You can meet us at the 48 hours of the Arts de l'ENS or at the Gala de la Nuit, where our mission is to fill the stomachs of hungry Normans. But when we feel like it, we also organise brunch, snacks and other buffets - all this of course in a friendly and friendly atmosphere.

No need to know how to cook; all you have to do is be ready to get involved! Join us now with your favourite recipes and your desire for culinary discoveries: you will always be welcome.

And if you are still not sure, subscribe to the mailing list and/or visit the FB page to be kept informed of all events!

Currently Respos: There are no respos for the moment.


  • Description : If the club's name isn't sufficient to itself, the goal of this club is to organise karaoke nights, in the K-Fet, during COF events or as soon as a group of people wants to sing loud and wrong enough all together.
  • Last Respos : Guillaume Pignon-Ywanne


  • Description :

Passionate about game design? Are you a video game enthusiast? Do you dream of imagining characters, bringing them to life through an exciting story, mapping imaginary worlds, inventing ever more original challenges? Welcome to Ulmity!

The Ulmity club aims to introduce you to video game development. On the program: game design, level design, animation, character design, programming, sound effects... Everyone can find its own pleasure, in several modules covering the development of different types of games: RPGs, platformers, puzzles...

No prior knowledge required! Students of all backgrounds, from sciences or humanity, are welcome. No time requirement either! Whether you come to every session or just once a month, you'll still end up with your own playable game (more or less personalized). So don't hesitate, and join the mailing list!

  • Currently Respos : Leo Buisine

Club Naturaliste

  • Descriptif : Un club pour s'émerveiller devant la nature en proposant des balades ornithologie, photos macro, entoomologie, visites au museum et autres !
  • Actuellement respos : Valentin Brochet, Ulysse Chabroux