[K-Fêt Party] New Wave Party

Happens from Friday May 3, 2024 8 p.m. to Saturday May 4 1 a.m.

new wave.jpg

NOTICE to fans of Iggy Pop, Indochine, The Cure, Blondie or Rita Mitsouko, and the others: the COF organizes a party 🌊 NEW WAVE 🌊 in K-fêt!

New Wave is a post-punk musical genre from the late 70s/ early 80s, which takes its name from the New Wave of French cinema, and which brings together several styles of pop/ rock (no, the COF does not broadcast only comm at its evenings!) 👩‍🎤

See you on May 3 from 10pm to 3am for another wild evening before the end of the year 🎸 unlike gym evenings, ALL the K-fêt card will be available ;) (oh yeah ! )

You should go and you should stay ! 🕺

⚡️The COF ⚡️