About the clubs

The COF is not just about weekly events. It is also a great diversity of clubs that punctuate the associative life of the School! Whether you are a musician, a gourmet, a gamer, a discoverer, or an enthusiast, COF clubs can meet all your expectations!

Link to the clubs budget : Clubs' Budgets

Art Ôratoire

  • Descriptif : Le Club d'Art Ôratoire forme à la prise de parole en public, en insistant aussi bien sur la forme du discours que sur le fond, pour rendre vos auditeurs ébahis par votre aisance à l'oral et par la profondeur de votre argumentation. En partenariat étroit avec la Fédératio n Francophone de Débat (FFD), le Club participe activement à plusieurs de leurs activités, comme la Coupe de France de débat, la formation lycéenne Graine d'Orateur, le Championnat du Monde de débat ou encore le Concours National d'Éloquence. Nous organisons des permanences chaque semaine pour nous entraîner, en variant les thèmes, pouvant aller du débat parlementaire à l'éloquence, en passant par les joutes oratoires. Les exercices que nous faisons, qui mêlent aussi bien philosophie, sujets de société et humour, permettent de progresser dans une ambiance décontractée et didactique. Et surtout n'oubliez pas, on ne naît pas orateur•trice, on le devient !

  • Contact : art (point) oratoire (arobase) lists (point) ens (point) fr

  • Actuellement respo : Lucas Person


  • Description: La BandarrêtdurgENS, it is a piece from the South-West in Paris, an opportunity to discover or rediscover the charms of its so particular music, a concentrate of jovial conviviality. La banda is a group of joyful street musicians playing wind instruments and percussion. Its initial stated purpose is to host festivals and other bandas festivals. From the Spanish pasodoble to the "motorcycle", come and work on a very wide repertoire that sets fire to the most improbable village festivals! Episodic rehearsals but always full of surprises!

  • Currently responsible persons : Louise Garrigou and Romain Usciati


  • Description: From Riad Sattouf to Katsuhiro Otomo, André Franquin, Jacques Tardi, Didier Tarquin and Georges Wolinski, the BDT has a collection of four thousand comic strips on about fifty shelves, constantly growing. Classified by draftsman and catalogued, all these works offer a wide panorama of the 20th century and are freely available for consultation on site without moderation! In addition, there are thousands of specialized periodicals dating from the golden age of French-Belgian comics, a hidden hell, and some reading tips written by fans. The club also organizes various events such as a seminar on comics, which is only waiting to be relaunched. On the agenda, the setting up of an expedition to Angoulême with the BdA in January 2017 (see p. ??) could even be done with your help. All donations and purchase suggestions are welcome. To participate in purchasing decisions, write reading suggestions in the BOcal, choose the comics to highlight, do not hesitate to join the club!

  • Currently responsible person : Félix Breton

Bière Normale Supérieure (BNS)

(Pas de description)


Aah, the School... its little secrets, its crazy atmosphere, its frenzied clubs, its buildings steeped in history and its annex annex, not to mention its exemplary quality plakette... Yes, it makes you dream, but did you know that none of this would be possible without the BOcal? But then, do you ask yourself with wide open eyes full of youthful candor, who is this BOcal and where is he that I kiss him? Calm your spirits, young hypoconscrit-e, and know that the BOcal is simply the official and certified newspaper of the COF, and that it accompanies all the moments of normal life. You will find everything you need to brighten up your week: news, announcements, blows, crushes, articles and heartbreaks, a few games and above all a good dose of anything.


The BOUM is the club that ensures the sound system for the ENS parties. In K-Fêt as in the gym, from the back-to-school evening to La Nuizette, the BOUMeux are always present to ensure the installation of the equipment and a harmonious tracklist. Always in search of new members (heavy are the amps and long are the evenings), the BOUM organizes introductions to the mix several times during the year. So, if you want to hear a song play in the evening, don't bother asking the DJ, come and learn how to mix it yourself!

Bureau Des Spores

[Still being written]

Cheese club

  • Description: The Cheese Club regularly organizes tasting evenings open to all, with the principle that everyone brings a few cheeses to help others discover them. Conferences / debates will be held during these evenings (for example: "The story of a goat cheese that wanted to go around the world", see the club logo). The Cheese Club is also the artisanal production of a small fresh cheese, the Fustel de Coulanges. Do not hesitate to join us for a discovery of the dairy world in a friendly atmosphere!

  • Currently responsible person : Théophile Bastian


What is the film club? Every week, the ciné-club offers film lovers and budding film lovers a chance to watch a film, from the greatest classics to the lesser-known films of talented directors, from the earliest days of silent film to today's young directors. After a brief presentation, the film is screened in 35 mm copy or digital... It is therefore "like in a cinema", in a room specially designed for this purpose, the Dussane room. We invite speakers, directors and many others to discuss with the audience of the film that has been screened.

The film club in a few questions: Who can come? Everyone! Everyone! You don't have to be a student or a normal to enjoy and discuss a film. What are the rates? The ticket price is €4 (€3 for COF members). A 10-seat subscription costs €3 per session (€2 COF). When? When? With some exceptions, screenings take place on Tuesday at 8:30 pm. Where? Where? Screenings are most often held in the Dussane room (the room is well indicated from the entrance hall), at 45 rue d'Ulm. You can get off at the stops Luxembourg (RER B), Cardinal Lemoine (M10) or Place Monge or Censier-Daubenton (M7).

Club Bouffe

The ENS Food Club brings together cooking enthusiasts, pastry lovers and enthusiastic neophytes of all kinds. You can meet us at the 48 hours of the Arts de l'ENS or at the Gala de la Nuit, where our mission is to fill the stomachs of hungry Normans. But when we feel like it, we also organise brunch, snacks and other buffets - all this of course in a friendly and friendly atmosphere.

No need to know how to cook; all you have to do is be ready to get involved! Join us now with your favourite recipes and your desire for culinary discoveries: you will always be welcome.

And if you are still not sure, subscribe to the mailing list and/or visit the FB page to be kept informed of all events!

Club Gros

  • Description: Founded in time immemorial, the Gros club awaits your appetite with an insatiable impatience. You don't want to spend your pay on food but still want to have a good meal? Join the Gros network, whose mailing list and other technological wonders will inform you in real time of the hours and places of the end of conferences, so you can stay overweight all year round with small ovens, often daily. Come and fight with us against food waste. But the Gros Club is much more than that. It is also a great way to enjoy meals and gastronomic getaways with friends in a good mood!

  • Currently responsible person: Alexandre Barboni

Club Poésie

  • Actuellement respo : Paul Kacher


The Club Concert is no less than thirty concerts a year, Jam Sessions that are always successful, big names (Nina Attal, Electro Deluxe, Tiwayo...), but also small bands that deserve to be better known! It's every other Friday night, in K-Feet, and of course FREE! The Club Concert is a unique opportunity to get involved in the organization of concerts: technique, sound system, organization,... there is something for everyone!


But what is DDR (Dance Dance Dance Revolution)? That's it!

It is a dance game to generally rhythmic music, which presents arrows that scroll in rhythm on the screen, arrows that correspond to other arrows on a carpet that you have to press.

So, whether for a game (to test), an evening (to improve), a semester or a year (to stay), the DDR club is there every Tuesday from 9pm to midnight! (usually in the Rataud amphitheatre).


Disharmonies is a cultural, monthly, and free magazine. It is composed by Normal people, and is distributed at the ENS and on the COF website. The themes of each issue are announced in advance and anyone can propose a participation.

Ecole Normaille

The club Ecole Normailles is the knitting, crochet and sewing club.

  • Actuellement respo : Elise Declerck, Colombe Marechal, Emmanuelle Martinez


  • Description: Do you feel like a speaker, a Cicero, a Kennedy or other great former students of the ENS? Do you want to galvanize crowds, make people believe anything, or just clown around in front of a hilarious audience? Do you know English debating? Or are you green with stage fright and want to learn how to overcome this anguish? The Eloqu'ENS club is, in all these cases (and others too), made for you. This debate and public speaking club organizes workshops, verbal games and various debate tournaments in a friendly atmosphere. Come and discover this discipline, halfway between philosophy and humour. With the possibility of participating in the many debate competitions of the Fédération Francophone de Débat.

  • Currently responsible person : Arthur Rousseau

ENScape Game

Escape game.


  • Description : The ENSpace club, for all curious and space enthusiasts, is organizing its first meeting. Come and discover the XXX proposed, or share your ideas! No skills are required, just your curiosity. Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list, to follow the club's news and/or to keep up to date with the activities organized!

  • Current responsible persons : Guillaume de Rochefort, Alexandre Prieur & Martin Teuscher

Fanfare (« L’Ernestophone »)

Description: The Ernestophone is the ENS Fanfare. You can hear us play from time to time at COF or BdS events or rue Mouffetard when we round. We rehearse every Tuesday evening from 8pm to 10pm in Info Room 5, in the basement of the NIR. If you are interested, come and see us to play with us or just to listen! We accept all levels (it's better if you have some music knowledge), you can even learn a new instrument with us: we have extra instruments (that's what our budget is for), and there are special rehearsals for beginners on Thursday nights!

Timetable: Tuesday 8pm-22pm; Thursday 8pm-22pm (Beginning of the day), in Info 5 (NIR)

Currently responsible persons : Léa Swales, Alice Pain & Mila Praderie

Game club

  • Description: The Games club gathers amateurs and enthusiasts in its games library (above the Infi room in the BC corridor), a small room full of games of all kinds and for all tastes! From the old obscure games to the latest releases, from the small games to the big strategy games, you are sure to find what you are looking for! A large table allows players to settle in at any time, but it is also possible to borrow games. Every week, we organize a game night, to share fun experiences with the rest of the club, and a few times a year we organize events over a full weekend, like the 48 hours of the Games or the InterLudes.

  • Currently responsible persons : Guillaume Bertholon, Timothée Defourné, Timothée Le Berre et Sarah Houdaigoui


  • Description: Need a poster, logo, flyer? That's why the Graph'iche Club is here! A short email and we will make all your wildest dreams come true (within the limits of our possibilities). The club is also an opportunity to learn how to use the graphics software and to exchange artistically.

  • Currently responsible person : Marie-Lou Novene


  • Description: Hack is a COF club that aims to provide everyone with a place to work and meet around technological projects. The main goal of the club is to provide a meeting place for people interested in the philosophy of hackerspaces, free software, the culture of "Do It Yourself" and more generally in new technologies (robotics, computing, electronics,...), their applications and the problems they generate (social, ethical, legal,...). For this purpose, the club holds weekly informal meetings every Wednesday from 7pm in our premises, cellar 33. This time is dedicated to meeting and discussing, both on factual topics such as the progress of a project or its realization and on more general topics such as the problems created by new technologies. Projects are generally carried out outside this schedule. By its nature, hackEns is therefore an interdisciplinary club, where the entire normal community is likely to meet. Some projects already completed: We have organized a conference on digital freedoms as well as several workshops to present topics such as encryption or cryptography, and we plan to organize others. We have also developed several projects such as a lighting system programmable with LEDs that you may have seen at one of the Nuits de la rue d'Ulm or at K-Fêt parties, the construction of a 3D printer and a drone, a power consumption sensor, a telepresence robot... See you soon with your crazy project ideas! (and if you don't have one, some project ideas are available[here] (http://hackens.org/hackens/idees)).

  • Timetable: Wednesday from 7pm on the landing of staircase C

  • Currently responsible person : Thibaut Pérami


  • Description: Homosexuality is the LGBTQIAP club (acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual) of the ENS. It is open to all, and in complete discretion for those who prefer it. The activities are very varied! For the convivial side, buffets, film screenings, outings, etc. For activists, awareness raising, workshops, readings, debates. We also organize some of the most memorable evenings of the year, including, at the beginning of spring, the dazzling Red and Black, which brings all of Paris into our gym thanks to our very extensive secret networks...

  • Currently responsible persons : Maxime Legoupil

Laptop orchestra

  • Description: The Laptop Orchestra is a club dedicated to the musical uses of computers. We meet on a weekly basis to work on projects, ideas, compositions, learn new musical and computer techniques. Everyone is free to bring his ideas, compositions, to propose a piece or a new instrument. We welcome all interested people, regardless of their computer or musical background. This is a meeting place for interested people in electronic music and its instruments, in digital arts, and in a certain philosophy of do it yourself in music. The laptop orchestra remains an orchestra, and we are looking for a point of balance, the one that would allow each computer to integrate into a larger whole for collective creations.

  • Current responsible persons: Milena Arsich, Raphaël Forment & Theophile Wallez

Lego Normal Superieur

  • Description: The Lego Normal Superior, LNS for the intimate, is the ultimate fusion between a warm friendly atmosphere and a fever of artistic creation! Whether you're a lego enthusiast or a budding amateur, you'll be able to blossom at your ease with other motivated people. The club offers weekly meetings to have fun while building what you want and as you wish. On the other hand, the club plans to get involved in bigger projects: from lego exhibitions to the use of fablab, through participation in interQ, monthly events or furious "battlego"! There's also a whole bunch of stuff to manage, in which you can choose to get involved or not depending on your desire and your love of management: communication, logistics, posters, inventory, ...

The club is young, and we will be happy to welcome all interested to legate in the joy of life!

P.S.: If you have legos that you would like to get rid of or if you would like to make a donation, don't hesitate to contact us (it doesn't bring ECTS, but it's good for your conscience)!

  • Current responsible persons: Alexandre Prieur, Adrien Sutter & Martin Teuscher

Manga library

Current responsible person : Tomas Rigaux.


  • Description: The purpose of the FilmClub is to bring together motivated people to form a filmmaking community. It is the perfect place to share artistic talents, whether they concern audio, video, image, writing, visual arts, animation, special effects, or audiovisual installations, in order to launch, together, into independent film projects. These projects are aimed at both experts and lay people. Indeed, at the beginning of the year we organize introductory sessions on assembly, camera handling and lighting, which will take place a priori during intensive monthly weekends.

  • Currently responsible persons : Lucas Pluvinage & Hugo July

Music Club

  • Description: The music club is above all a rehearsal room available from 8am to 11pm every day, which is located to the right of the entrance to the gym. It contains all the equipment necessary for amplification as well as a drum kit. Many groups share the room and it can be difficult to find a niche that we like, but we always manage to work it out. That's what the mailing list is for: to make sure that no time is lost if the bands are absent! If you're on your own and you're looking to form a band, you may also find people to play with on this list. Be careful, you have to pay an additional fee to access the room, on top of the COF fee. 

  • Current respnsible person: Diégo Antolinos-Basso

Normale Sup'hair'ieure

Reading your lessons is becoming harder and harder because of your long hair? You need a new hairstyle but you’re too lazy to book an appointment with a hairdresser? You want to try an innovative, experimental and, most importantly, free hairstyle? Or you’d like to practice haircutting on volunteers? You found the perfect club!

  • Actuellement respo : Enora Le Gall

Oenology club (ŒNS)

  • Description : The Oenology Club is a joint club of the ENS and the Ecole des Chartes. It meets on Wednesday evenings in the Club room at the ENS. It brings together long-time passionate wine lovers, novices eager to learn tasting techniques, or simply curious people passing through who are a little interested in wine, come to the club to have a good time and drink some nice bottles!

The sessions are traditionally led by a producer who comes to present his region, his estate and his work. All the great French wine regions are honoured (Champagne, Bordeaux, Alsace, Rhône, Burgundy, Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon), but the Club does not hesitate to introduce wines from lesser-known regions or from abroad (Italy, Spain, United States, Australia, etc.). It is also a unique opportunity to taste the greatest wines in the world: there are so many great estates that have come to the Club in recent years, the list would be too long!

Finally, each session closes with a convivial buffet of cold meats, cheeses and pastries. This is the opportunity to taste all the wines again, to share a good time around good products and to exchange with all the participants around our common passion, oenology!

  • Current responsible persons: Gauthier Jacquemin & Leila Slaoui


Current responsible persons:  Jules Bouton & Héloise Chauvel

Photos' Lab

  • Description: The ENS photo lab is the place where you can develop your silver, black and white and colour prints. It also regularly organizes workshops and photo outings in Paris (to learn how to develop argentic photos) and organizes a few exhibitions every year. All the documentation of the activities is available online on http://hack.ens.fr/labo-photo/labo.
  • Current responsible person : Antonin Brossollet


Description: The PLS club, Projo-Laser-Strobo, is a very young club founded at the beginning of the year, whose objective is to train people in the assembly and use of lighting installations that the COF has, especially in K-Fêt! By learning how to install and use the lights, you'll be able to be at the controls of the lighting console, alternating colours and lighting effects of all kinds, and thus light up the dance floor at Thursday nights and all kinds of events throughout the year!

Current responsible persons: Antoine Demont, Rémy le Goff, Alice Mougey and Paco Bacrie


  • Descriptif : Conscrit-e, L’Ultime But Raisonnable Est FLagrant : EXposer. des Clichés LUmineux, Blanc&noir&multicolore, Réussis, En Faisant Liste Ensemble (refleX). Couloirs Lugubres, Unies Barrières, Rien n’y Echappe : la Féérie est Libérée. s’EXonérer du Compact ? Loue Un Beau Reflex En Filant Loyalement (Et eXceptionnellement) un Chèque. L’Unique Borne ? Rendre, En Finissant, L’appareil au COF ! EXpérimenter L’Argentique te Brûle ? O, Rends-toi Au Très Obscur, Immense Repère Hackens. En Prime : some Help. Ose Tirer tes Oeuvres !

  • Actuellement respo : Juliette Goutierre & Ludovic Brivady

Role play

  • Description: Rôl'ENS is made up of a few dozen amateurs of all kinds of tabletop role-playing games. You can be sure to find among us enthusiastic people to help you hunt dragons and other evil creatures (or angels, because after all, taking sides with the good guys is all right for five minutes). Unlike most other clubs, we don't hold weekly meetings - which makes sense, as the JdR is more than six, it quickly becomes unmanageable. As a result, most of our activity consists of a mailing-list (sorry: mailing list), which MJs and players use to organize initiation parties and long campaigns. Don't hesitate to subscribe to it if you want to know about these parties!

  • Current responsible person: Robin Lemaire


  • Descriptif : La SFthèque est la bibliothèque des littératures de l’imaginaire de l’ENS. Elle est consacrée, comme son nom l’indique, à la SF, mais aussi à la fantasy, au fantastique, à l’horreur, etc. La SFthèque se trouve dans le même local que la BDthèque, dans le couloir de la salle info et de la salle des casiers, du côté du couloir le plus proche de l’entrée du Pôt.

  • Actuellement respo : Sarah Léon


From traditionnal songs to The Beatles, our club is an a cappella vocal ensemble (SATB). Our rehearsals take place twice a week, and we don't expect you to know how to sing before joining us ! Our kind choir conductors will be in charge of helping you control your voice, so that you can take part in vocal harmony's wonderful experience. Additionnally, we are open to any repertoire's suggestions.

  • Actuellement respo : Isabelle Safa


  • Description : The Trouvères club brings together all the musicians of the School, whatever the style of music and whatever their level of practice. It is a meeting place for other musicians who want to make music in a group, be it chamber music, jazz, rock, or other groups. Every month we organize events: concerts in particular where everyone can come and play what they have prepared. The goal: to share a dense and intense musical moment in friendship and conviviality! We look forward to seeing you!

  • Current responsible persons : Théophane Seguy, Apolline Gouzi, Marguerite Leger, Louise Guerot, Idoïa Latapy, Elisa Malésieux & Julie Issartel

Useless club

  • Description: The Useless Club is a perpetual multilinear association with a bicameral multi-party system. Its objective is to study, promote and put into practice non-trivial forms of action that will achieve a nil result.

  • Timetable: Members of the Useless Club are not intended to meet physically, punctually or regularly. The spatial location of its headquarters is multiple, indefinite and universal.

Visual Arts

  • Descriptif : Le club Arts Plastiques te propose un lieu de rencontre entre personnes intéressées par les arts plastiques, le dessin ou la peinture.
    Mais, que faisons-nous au club Arts Plastiques ? D'abord, des séances d'initiation ; et puis des séances à thème, avec des intervenants ; des projets communs; des sorties croquis...
    Que tu n'aies jamais touché à un pinceau, ou que tu sois déjà un•e grand•e artiste, n'hésite pas à venir nous rejoindre !

  • Actuellement respo : Leila Belhalfaoui

Club VR

C'est le club VR

Les N’Improtequoi

  • Descriptif : L’impro, c’est l’art de construire une histoire de plusieurs minutes avec juste un thème et 20 secondes de réflexion. C’est aussi des spectacles où peuvent s’enchaîner un western, une comédie romantique et une tragédie grecque. Ou autre chose, car c’est là la magie de l’impro, c’est que tout se crée sous les yeux émerveillés d’un public conquis. Et pour le plus grand bonheur de celui-ci, les N’Improtequoi organisent un spectacle à l’École au moins une fois par mois, sans compter ceux à l’extérieur.
    Alors, viens nous voir, et si un jour l’envie te prend de monter sur scène, contacte-nous pour assister aux cours (et oui, improviser, ça s’apprend et se travaille) !
  • Actuellement respo : Lisa Meneghini (prez), Darius Mofakhami (secrétaire), François Villard (respo comm’), Leïla Brulé Kopp & Hemmer-Petitcolas Louis



Société trENScendantale / STAAL

  • Welcome to the "Société trENScendantale des amies et amis des livres" or STAAL, the book club of the ENS ! Every other week, the club meets to friendly discuss a piece of literature of any country and any period of time, from Gilgamesh Epic to the short stories of Kafka including greek tragedy, chevalry novels and french realistic novels. The book read being voluntarily very diverse, the meetings are of course independant. Therefore, do not hesitate to subscribe even though you are interested in only a fraction of the texts, and coming to only some sittings.

  • Currently respo : Dimitri FAURE


  • Description : Un club pour discuter et comprendre le monde de la finance et de la politique financière (en particulier la politique des banques centrales). Inscrivez-vous sur notre liste pour être informé des événements à venir : finens@lists.ens.psl.eu

  • Actuellement respo : Leon Machler